Los Angeles Magician

“Besides being one of the best sleight-of-hand magicians, Arthur is a wonderful entertainer. I’ll never figure out how to top this. Engaging, hip, and funny!”

-Judi Giovanni, Client

magic showArthur will captivate your guests with charm and mystery. Whether you’re looking to entertain family and friends at a cocktail party or need an interactive stage show to headline your next big event, Arthur delivers high-quality entertainment that will accommodate your needs and be talked about for years to come. Contact Arthur today so he can learn about your event and recommend the best option.

Here are a few options:

Strolling Close-Up Magic

Arthur will mingle with your guests and entertain, one small group at a time. This type of performance is highly interactive because each person is able to participate as Arthur conjures with playing cards, coins, and borrowed objects. For example, your guests will shriek in amazement as a random playing card transforms into a thought-of card in their hands. Arthur’s fun personality and sophisticated sleight of hand will not only cause people to interact with him but also with each other, which makes this option the perfect icebreaker for many social events.

Formal Close-Up Show

This option works best for smaller groups. Instead of mingling with your guests, Arthur will entertain your entire party, up close and personal, while they are seated at a table or similar setting. It’s like having a very engaging dinner guest who strikes up great conversation but, as Arthur’s performance will prove, also boggles the mind.

Stage Show

Arthur’s stage show features a unique repertoire of material that is crafted to entertain the mind, senses, and funny bone. Invisible bees, the ability to stop time, and an interactive painting are some of the ideas that become reality when Arthur takes the stage. Guests also become part of the show as Arthur brings them onstage and has the magic happen to them. Each performance takes into account the venue and your needs in order to deliver an experience that is one-of-a-kind.

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