Arthur Trace will captivate your guests with charm and world-class magic.

Whether you’re looking to entertain family and friends at a cocktail party, or need an interactive stage show to headline your big event, Arthur can deliver high quality entertainment that will suit your needs and be talked about for years to come. Contact Arthur today so he can learn more about your event and recommend the best option.

Here are some things Arthur can do for you:


Arthur’s enthusiasm for performing close-up magic is infectious and his fun personality and sophisticated sleight of hand will not only cause people to interact with him but also with each other, which makes strolling close-up magic the perfect icebreaker for social events. No stage setup or special lighting is required. Arthur will mingle with your guests and perform intimate magic for them.

This type of performance is highly interactive because each person is able to participate as Arthur conjures with playing cards, coins, and borrowed objects. For example, your guests will shriek in amazement as a random playing card transforms into a previously chosen card in their hands. These reactions can greatly add to the overall excitement and energy of your special occasion.


Arthur’s 30 and 45-minute close-up show features original magic, music, and plenty of audience involvement. Either show is ideal for groups of up to 40 people where you’re looking to provide out-of-this-world entertainment that will make your event unique.

Imagine a show where Arthur stops time for your guests, or the amazement when he has one spectator read another’s mind. Everyone will feel they are part of the experience as Arthur’s artful performance style and quirky personality engage your guests and have them laughing.


Are you looking for a world-class entertainer to headline your next big event? Arthur is a world-champion stage magician (FISM World Championships of Magic) who can perform his 30, 45, or 60-minute stage show and amaze your audience.

Arthur’s charming wit and artful style showcase an interactive, comedic, and unique magic experience that your audience will never forget. Your guests will laugh as Arthur makes “invisible bees” come to life, and they will be speechless when Arthur transforms an abstract painting through sleight of hand. Guests will also become part of the show as Arthur brings them onstage and has the magic happen to them.

For the complete magical entertainment experience, Arthur can perform his strolling magic prior to his stage show. First, your guests will be entertained with intimate sleight of hand and then they will be blown away when Arthur takes the stage and delivers a world-class show that will have everyone talking.