Music and Magic

The opportunity to perform my show at a music festival doesn’t present itself often. So, when my friend and great Los Angeles magician Jon Armstrong asked me if I would like to perform at BEDROCKtoberfest, I said “yes!” If you would like to see me perform some of my favorite material along with some other great magicians and musicians, then be sure to get your tickets to Echo Park’s BEDROCKtoberfest. Learn more here.

The 46th Academy of Magical Arts Awards Show

Being a magician in Los Angeles allows me to perform at some great local events. Every year the Academy of Magical Arts, A.K.A. The Magic Castle, hosts an award show in Los Angeles. The show is akin to the Oscars, except instead of actors, magicians are recognized for their outstanding achievements. During the ceremony, some of the top magicians entertain their peers. In 2006, I was honored to be one of these performers. This year’s show took place at the Orpheum Theatre and I was thrilled to be asked back to perform my “Postmodern Art” act.

During the act, I morph an abstract painting through sleight of hand. You can see a performance here. I have been fortunate to perform this act all around the world and it has afforded me great opportunities such as performing at the awards show. Here are some pictures from Sunday night’s ceremony:


Los Angeles magician Arthur Trace

The program

Performing at The Orpheum Theatre

Performing at The Orpheum Theatre

With Master Magician Lance Burton

With master magician Lance Burton

With my favorite comedy magician Mac King

With my favorite comedy magician Mac King


Thanks for allowing me to share my exciting experience with you!